Saturday, February 17, 2007


by Carol Ann Erhardt

Tyler Sandford is more than a licensed veterinarian--he's also a tenacious undercover DEA agent on the trail of a killer. He'll do anything to get his man, for the murderer he seeks took the life of Tyler's wife and unborn child. Tyler receives a break when he discovers the hiding place of the killer's ex-lover, Grace Wilkins. But when he finally meets the flesh and blood woman, he's in danger of losing his objectivity and his heart.

Grace Wilkins has been hiding in the secluded mountains of Tennessee where she feels safe from her ex-lover and his vow to kill her. She's resigned to living a solitary life, for no man could ever overlook her tarnished past. Then she meets the sexy new veterinarian, Tyler Sandford, and she begins to hope for a normal life.

A cruel trick of fate leads a killer to Grace's safe haven, forcing her to choose between running away and losing love, or staying and risking her life. Tyler is caught between confessing his true agenda and maintaining his cover. Either choice may lead to losing Grace. Will the webs of deception untangle before they both lose?

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