Friday, February 9, 2007

Forbidden Love: Bad Boys

Forbidden Love:Bad Boys

Terri Pray, Brenna Lyons, C.J. England, Brenda Williamson, Ally Blue, Sapphire Phelan, Astrid Cooper, Rian Monaire and Phylis Sullivan. Dark Erotic Romance - For Mature Audiences Only!

Issue One- Bad Boys. They are the men who catch our eyes, the rogues, the dangerous dark lovers we¿d never take home to our parents. The ones who provide a source of fantasy for dark nights alone, or shared with understanding friends. We shouldn¿t want them, we know better, yet we can¿t look away. Welcome to the world of Bad Boys. Vampires, Gladiators, Pirates and more wait for you within the pages of Forbidden Love. Each story features unique artwork by artists Richard Savage, Veronica Jones, Mates Laurentiu, Carrie Hall, Diana Stien and Thom Scott.
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