Sunday, November 25, 2007

Ten Things I'd do for a Cowboy

Ten Things I'd Do for a Cowboy

by Donna Michaels

Journalist, Amanda Lang, wishes she’d never written the article, “Ten Things I’d Do for a Cowboy”. Thanks to her, cowboy Rafe Buchanan lost his marriage, his bank account and nearly his ranch because it had been her husband his wife ran away with. Now, two years and a divorce later, Amanda is back on Buchanan soil to write another article, film a documentary and deliver a face-to-face apology.

Rafe Buchanan wants the woman gone. The Buchanan Wild Mustang and Burro Transition Ranch is his life and, after almost losing it once, he isn’t about to allow another disaster. But when he sets out to make the beauty voluntarily leave, his tactics take an unexpected turn. Could there be more than wild horses in transition on his ranch?

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Seeing Double

Seeing Double

Jamie Holland escaped the cold of Florida for some much needed rest and relaxation. With the help of a beautiful brooch, she meets sexy Dan English. Will their encounter lead to the perfect romance…or just a summer fling?

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