Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Unified Souls

Unified Souls

Cyborgs do not show emotion. Cyborgs are more machine than actual humanoid. By all intent and purpose they are perfect.

Then a viral anomaly appears in their programming, and the cyborgs wipe each other out. Surviving by sheer accident, Jasmine Storm escapes the civil war and is propelled into the humanoid world. She spends her days as a security officer on Webster's Casino, observing humanoids and trying to understand their bizarre, emotional behavior.
Then she starts having emotions as well; feeling and memories that are not hers, or are they? They come not from her neural implants, but from some mysterious source – a source that Storm doesn't understand.

Devin Cartell, a rebel in the Uprising against the oppressive, war-bent Regime, came to Webster's to buy a splitter card to help him in the rebels' newest offensive; instead, he meets Jasmine Storm, and everything he knows is turned upside down.

Cartell is binded to his Kerabal, Mashlia Mayd, as was determined when they both were children. Yet he feels more emotion, more fire in the spiritual plane with cyborg Jasmine. Trapped between what he wants to do and what he should do, Cartell learns that Storm may very well hold the key to defeating the Regime.

Can Jasmine Storm's past be the key to their future?
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