Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Amanda Thomson, a web designer dissatisfied with her dull life, finds out that Jake Waters, the talentless stripper at the consolation party her friends threw for her when she lost out on a management promotion, got the job she wanted — no, deserved.
Jake just relocated from Chicago and only stripped to his skivvies at Amanda's party as a favor for a friend. He's a workaholic single dad, trying to balance work demands while caring for his eight-year-old daughter...and chafing beneath his pushy mother's influence.
The power struggles and sexual tension increase when Amanda and Jake are forced to work together at a tech conference, and then on an important client's project. Amanda struggles to believe in her own self-worth. Jake struggles to learn how to balance work and home responsibilities.
And both struggle to get what they want and need from a relationship with each other.
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