Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender
by Pamela Marshall

Matthew Steele, dark, mysterious, and handsome as sin, is certain that he doesn’t deserve nor would he enjoy love. He lives in his mansion, taking care of his disabled sister, and doesn’t let anybody knock down the wall that surrounds him. When he hires a woman to help him with Kendra, the newcomer intrigues him from the start. It disturbs him, but since he’s always in control, he’s certain he can curb his strong attraction to her. Giving in would be dangerous territory for both.

Rachel MacKenzie is brave, feisty and intelligent. Having just escaped, after being kidnapped by her ex, she takes the first job she can get, a caregiver to Matthew’s teenage sister. Rachel needs time to heal, and is both surprised and frightened by her strong attraction to this tall, silent man who isolates himself from the world. There’s something about him that touches her soul…and fuels her desire. But can she reach him? Is it even a good idea to try? Men are pigs…Two people who want nothing to do with love fall in love. Will they give in to their feelings or deny them, even as they burn for one another.

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