Sunday, March 4, 2007

Secrets in the Annex

Secrets in the Annex
by Ann Cory

Come and discover the haunting Secrets in the AnnexCan the luck and love of a chimney sweep, be enough to rescue a woman, trapped in an annex that holds many dark secrets?
Kaelyn is a former maid who used to clean the annex for the Ruthferd’s. Ever since a terrifying fire broke out in the annex, she has been trapped within the chimney, desperate to get out. She waits for a man to rescue her in more ways than one, and breathe new life into her somber soul.
Rand enjoys his job as a chimney sweep and especially likes to work for the Ruthferd’s, a rich and prominent family in central London. He is asked to clean the fireplace and chimney inside the newly remodeled annex, though what he finds inside is more than ash and soot. A smoldering woman emerges from inside the fiery tomb and fuels him with passion.
Through his gentle touch, and her seductive moves, they are swept away in the heat of the moment, and forge a bond that goes beyond a lifetime.
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