Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Beneath a Midnight Sea

Shifting Tides:Beneath A Midnight Sea
ISBN-13: 978-1-60272-032-9 (Electronic)

Terri Fletcher knows how to flirt, how to meet men...just not how to keepone. She gets talked into attending a workshop on how to find Mr. Right.But when she comes home that evening, the last thing she expects is tofind him wet and naked, passed out behind her house.

Destin MacCodrum, a shapeshifter, survives a strange storm at sea, and ashark attack, only to wash ashore far from his intended destination. Muchhas changed since his last visit to the world of the land-dwellers.Including his resistance to the lusty charms of their women, namely hisbeautiful rescuer.

Unable to change back into his aquatic form without his seal skin cap,Destin suspects Terri may have hidden it to keep him with her, just as allthe legends say. Together they must learn trust, while another plots insecret to destroy Destin's world beneath the midnight sea.

Genres: Fantasy / Shapeshifter / Witchcraft / Magic / Romantic Comedy /Suspense / ThrillerHeat Level: 2Length: Extended Amber Kiss (13k words)

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