Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Knowing

The Knowing
by Larriane Wills

The boy was a puzzle, abused by the priests of Oldspushner, trained with the knowing by the sisters of Treach, he was dying when the assassin found him. The boy grew into the man calling himself Garran of Lockmer, a soldier for hire with a well known hatred of all things Ives. Able to leave a world of battle he became the Governor of Sheritan.

Princess Fayahstella, future queen of Ives, must ask Garran for sanctuary in her flight from Caslock, the brutal conquer of her nation. She is no more than a helpless pawn sent by her father to petition the Court of Amor for aid, a trading piece for the Priest of Oldspushner to exchange with Caslock for power, and by Garran to use the time of negotiations for her peaceful surrender to Caslock to evacuate the people of Sheritan.

When the evacuation is finished the princess has disappeared, Garran is a prisoner on his way to Caslock’s torture chambers and that is only the beginning. Fractions of an ancient prophesy struggle to be fulfilled, one to save him and another to kill.

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